Glass wall

Structural glazing

Special processes. For filigree beauty.

Structural glazing defines a specific type of glass facade construction in which glass panes are exclusively retained by bonding. In this special process we are bonding the glass panes directly to the glass frame. Structural glazing always requires an approval of the manufacturer of the adhesives (Dow Corning, Wacker-Chemie). Bonding is only allowed for licensed companies to which we belong since many years.

After completion of every “Structural-Glazing” order the submission of a production protocol with proofs of executed self-monitoring of the processor is required. The test report on the compliance with Guideline for European Technical Approval for bonded glass constructions ETAG no.002 must be submitted.

The width of the base frame with the bonding surface which is visible behind the glass panes may have a maximum of 20 millimeters. The thickness of the adhesive layer must be at least 4 millimeters in order to ensure that the adhesive layer is able to absorb different expansions of frame and glass at any time. The visible bonding must be available in the colours black and pale grey.

Fire protection: SG F 90 according to DIN 4102-13

A test report on a sound insulation of Rwp dB has to be submitted for this glazing.

Product details
Size Fire<br />protection Noise<br />protection Glazing Organisation<br />elements Fallsafety Shutter
SG wall 100 mm
  • F 0
47-54 dB
  • 2-fold
  • 3-fold
SG wall EI 30 100 mm
  • F 30
  • EI 30
54 dB
  • 3-fold
SG wall EI 90 100 mm
  • EI 60
  • EI 90
51 dB
  • 4-fold
Upgrade possibilities
Model Suspended cabinet Shelves Adaptable wall rail Whiteboard Cork board Information board Coat hook Picture hook
SG wall
SG wall EI 30
SG wall EI 90