Fire protection

intek fire protection

Fire protection has the highest priority for intek. And for a good reason, because in case of emergencies it does not just concern property damages but almost always the rescue of people and animals – a very special obligation for us which we fulfill since many years. It is therefore an objective for intek to be broadly established in safety-relevant building physical areas. We consider it to be a must to have an adequate portfolio of certificates for that intek customers know that they always are in good hands.

In Germany fire protection walls have to resist a standard fire for at least 30 minutes – this is the requirement of the fire-resistance class F 30 according to DIN (EI 30 according to DIN EN). We at intek meet it with all of our fire protection walls. The light intek partition walls are expected to keep the emergency escape routes passable without danger for as long as possible – as lifesaving barriers against fire, smoke and heat radiation. The same applies for our fire and smoke protection doors, which also have to be operational for the same long time.

In the case of fire protection walls, the execution quality standard is on an extremely high level. It is only realizable with experienced employees, who always keep their knowledge on the latest technical status. Since we have many years of expertise in fire protection, we can offer a great number of F30 certified fire protection walls to architects and developers. Furthermore we offer F90 fire protection walls (F90 fire protection walls resist a standard fire for 90 minutes). These include an esthetically very pleasing “Structural Glazing” wall of which the surface fully consists of glass. Their external panes are only retained by bonding on an aluminium profile frame, which we have tested for absolutely reliable durability.

In 1995 intek already could develop the first „Structural Glazing“ aluminium profile. A first fire testing followed 2006. After having mastered a lot of challenges over the years, the intek “Structural Glazing” wall complies with all security-related requirements. Comprehensive tests at the Institute for Materials Research and Testing at the University Stuttgart have proven it. We find it reassuring to know that a filigree glass structure finally not only creates a wonderful sense of space.