Glass wall


Multifunctional partition wall

Classic (44 mm frame width) and FineLine (24 mm frame width) systems, which differ in frame thickness, offer the possibility for single/central or double-sided glazing. Whether full glazing, partial glazing/parapet connection or skylights - different design variants of the frames set no limits to the design variety.

The surface of the aluminium profile frames can be designed in any colour using the anodising process or powder coating and protected against corrosion.

The Classic wall is aesthetically pleasing with framed glass surfaces. The effect differentiates structures with light and/or strong edgings. Certain frame colours emphasise clear boundaries and can give rooms a structurally distinctive character.

Product details
Size Fire<br />protection Noise<br />protection Glazing Organisation<br />elements Fallsafety Shutter
Fineline 100 mm
  • F 0
  • F 30
41-53 dB
  • 1-fach
  • 2-fach
  • 3-fach
Upgrade possibilities
Model Suspended cabinet Shelves Adaptable wall rail Whiteboard Cork board Information board Coat hook Picture hook